How it Works

Through a 10-week (infant program) or 12-week (toddler/preschooler program) curriculum, parents participate in
coached sessions where they learn how to:

  • recognize and respond appropriately to their child’s signals
  • maintain their child’s focus of attention
  • stimulate language development and thinking skills
  • support their child’s autonomy-seeking
  • respond to limit-testing behaviors

For each session, a trained PALS coach introduces a new concept to the parent and together they view and discuss a corresponding PALS curriculum video demonstrating the concept. The parent is then videotaped practicing the concept with her child. Watching the tape with her PALS coach gives the parent an opportunity to observe herself and increase her awareness of her behaviors. The curriculum is available in English and Spanish, and can be implemented individually with parents in their homes or with a group of parents at a center.